Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Vancouver Mural Festival!

This Saturday, on August 20th, Vancouver will hold the first ever Vancouver Mural Festival! Artists both locally and internationally, have come together to create 41 new murals, decorating the Main street neighborhood in vibrant street art!

Vancouver mural festival
(Image via: The Daily hive)

The Daily Hive had a few words to share about this weekends festivities:
"The festival culminates on August 20 as Main Street shuts down between 7th Avenue and East 12th Avenue for one giant block party.  Here you can attend patio parties, BBQs, dance parties, a skateboard competition (behind Antisocial Skate Shop), East Van Bazaar behind F as in Frank, roller disco, art markets, and concerts sprinkled throughout the day and into the night.
This is not your grandparents’ Vancouver, and that’s a good thing."
Image: The Creative Individual / "Culinary Love Affair" outside the Baker & the Chef
(Image: The Creative Individual/"Culinary Love Affair" outside the Baker and the Chef)

Click here, to see the rest of the article, including the artists who have participated in the festival.

Image: Nevercrew
(Image: Nevercrew)

Click here, to checkout a map of all the murals that will be featured this weekend!

News about Patrick Hughes!

Checkout what Yorkshire Post had to say about Winsor's Patrick Hughes, and his 3-D art!

Patrick Hughes at the exhibition launch.
"British surrealist Patrick Hughes has been confounding the visual expectations of art lovers ever since his breakthrough discovery of a technique known as ‘reverspective’.
Now an exhibition of his work has begun at Leeds College of Art, where he spent five years as a lecturer during the 1960s. Speaking after attending the launch, London-based Hughes said: “I am so very happy and honoured to be invited to exhibit my pictures at Leeds College of Art, more than 50 years after I started out teaching art here.” Talking about his use of reverspective, he said: “My pictures seem to move as you move. They come to life when we bring them to life. This is because they are made in perspective the wrong way round, in reverspective."


 Click here to read the rest of the article!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Andy Dixon has ruined my life

Check out what Michelle Nguyen had to say about Andy Dixon on Jackiekaiellis.com! Below, is an excerpt from 

her recently published article detailing how Dixon's work, once seen in the back of an art supply store, inspired 

her to come see his show titled "Expensive Things" at Winsor Gallery, and to rethink the way in which she 

views composition.
Hello Friend
By: Michelle Nguyen 

"Granted, those who know me will say that I am prone to hyperbole and will often use that phrase to describe a number of things (the Kimye-Taylor debacle, the Top Chef television series, etc.), but this time, it is a statement that rings as utterly and irrevocably true. I bring up his work in every one of five conversations I engage in on a daily basis, often at times, completely unwarranted.
Nude 2, 2016. Mixed media on canvas. 40 x 52".

Looking at his work stirs something inside me and I can feel it in my gut. It makes me giddy. It makes my hands restless. It reminds me how much I love painting. The temptation of a non-traditional career path as a painter has lead to constant uphill battles with my own self-doubt. I have spent the last couple of years looking around for safer alternative career paths but have failed to find similar gratification. Being around such provocative work like Dixon’s completely eliminates all existing hesitation. My desire to paint almost seems animal and instinctive. For a moment, I find clarity within myself.
I was introduced to his work during an impromptu visit to Rath Art Supplies. It was at the very back of the store propped up against several other recently stretched canvases. Despite being one of many paintings crowding the space, its luscious swelter of colour stood out. The bright red painting comprised of elegantly dressed guests at a dinner party. The women gloved and drenched in furs while the men wore pinstriped suits and patterned ties. The glassware and china drawn in childlike scrawls in pastel. I stared at it for quite some time, attempting to burn its image into my retinas. At the checkout, I added several sticks of oil pastel to my purchase. I felt strangely reenergized, and when I arrived home, I immediately started a new painting.
Pink Dinner, 2016. Mixed media on canvas. 78 x 103".

I saw his work recently again at the Winsor Gallery, his show entitled Expensive Things. The subjects of his paintings are accurately described through the title itself: intricate porcelain vases, gold-trimmed fabrics, sailing ships, exotic fruits, candelabras, voluptuous statuettes, and laurel-wreathed hedonists.

I went with a friend, and neither of us were afraid to gawk. His works’ appeal goes far beyond his rich and palatable aesthetic; his work brings up many worthwhile discourses concerning the intersection of capitalism and the art world. This collection of luxurious imagery brings about an awareness of how arbitrary traditional displays of wealth are. There are certain undertones that the presence of these collective luxuries is rooted in colonial exoticism of travel and foreign cultures (tropical fruits, ships, etc.). Dixon is fully aware of the capriciousness that is bourgeois culture but also has a great love for it. He is hyper aware of art’s relationship with capitalism and explores the idea of art as a commodity through his paintings."

Click Here to read the rest of the article online!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Angela Grossman for Montecristo Magazine

 Checkout Montecristo Magazine and the recently published article featuring artist Angela Grossmann, and a short interview about how she views her work as an artist! 

"Man/Woman", 2014. Oil on canvas.

Story by: Sunshine Frere
Photograph by: Brian Howell

"In Angela Grossmann’s practice, time and content are not linear—they’re cyclical, part of an eternal return. Grossmann has worked as an artist within the national scene for over three decades. She has exhibited across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Asia, and her work is held in numerous public and private collections.
Detail of Angela Grossmann's studio.

“I really don’t see my work being any different from the first thing that I ever made, to the last thing that I created yesterday. It’s all connected,” the Vancouver-based artist says. “When you look back at the arc of things, you realize you have a whole interconnected language that has developed across different bodies of work. Repetition is really important. It persists because I haven’t completely dealt with the idea that it pertains to. Ideas only become uninteresting when I’ve completely spent their possibilities. Until that time, I will often go back and investigate them from different angles.”

Grossmann is known for her collage and mixed-media art, as well as oil on canvas; her pieces explore the psychological aspects of displacement and the complexity of identity. Grossmann’s compositions delineate bold, confrontational characters that are ambiguous, categorically misunderstood, and often a little rough around the edges. Her work imbues vulnerability, darkness, and tenacity. With her portraiture, viewers explore all aspects of humanity: the good, bad, and ugly."

Click here to read the full article on Montecristo's website!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bombay Gin Artisan Competition

The Artisan Series artist call is open and submissions have started coming in!

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series


Since 2010, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation have provided emerging artists with an international platform to showcase their work. The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series is a search to discover this year’s next big name in visual arts. Thousands will submit their artwork online and selected artists will be rewarded with a platform to share their artistry with curators, collectors, and art enthusiasts around the world.
Art is everywhere, just waiting to be discovered. What will you create?


Read through the artwork & entry requirements. If your work meets these requirements, click entry at the top of the page to submit your work.
Judges from across the country will select a group of Regional Finalists to be featured in each of the Regional Gallery events. For artists outside the regional locations, judges will select up to 100 online finalists to be featured in an online competition.
Regional Finalists compete in a juried exhibit at one of our 14 Regional Gallery events. One Regional Winner from each gallery event will advance and showcase their art at SCOPE Miami Beach.
The online finalists and regional finalists will be featured on the Artisan Series website, which will be open to public voting. The two entries with the highest votes will be deemed the online winners and will advance and showcase their art at SCOPE Miami Beach.
Fourteen (14) Regional Winners and two (2) Online Winners will be invited to exhibit their work in December at SCOPE Miami Beach, one of the largest global art fairs in the world.
In Miami, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and RUSH Arts co-host a grand finale event where judges will select a Grand Prize and First Prize Winner. Event attendees will vote and select a People’s Choice Winner.
The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash stipend to create a body of work for a solo exhibit at SCOPE Miami Beach 2017 and the opportunity to complete a public installation in 2017. The First Place Winner and People’s Choice Winner will each receive a cash stipend to create a solo exhibit at a gallery in their region.


June 9 – August 17, 2016
September 14 – November 5, 2016
September 14 – November 7, 2016
November 9, 2016
December 2 – December 7, 2016

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Check out our Pontus Willfors new pieces for our Summer Group Show!

 Here are some install shots of LA based artist Pontus Wilfors' pieces at Winsor Gallery! His work is featured in our summer group show, and will be here until August 16th!